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BioSYNERGISE is the new name of an annual industry networking event organised by the Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC). It’s a business-to-business event exclusively for BIC industry members. It seeks to connect various sectors of the bio-based industry to foster new synergies and stimulate new collaborations vital to the success of the bioeconomy.

With this brand new name, the event needed a logo that reflected its purpose. The new logo had to adopt the same colour palette as BIC does, but slightly modernised. It also needed to make it instantly clear that BioSYNERGISE was a BIC event.

Fastlane came up with several proposals, and BIC finally picked one representing people sitting on different sides of a table. The lines around the main visual are are the edges of the table, and at the same time the arms of the different people reaching for each other.  At the centre of the table is a leaf and drop inspired by the BIC logo.