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Friskis&Svettis website

Fastlane designed, developed and maintains the new Friskis&Svettis website. Produced with the power of WordPress, the new site finds a subtle balance between legacy features and new possibilities to be rolled out progressively.

Being run by volunteers, the association needs to reduce the time spent on membership and content management to focus on what really matters: the satisfaction of its members. With this objective in mind, Fastlane came up with a scalable website that picks up where its predecessor left off by progressively adding appetising features that will make Friskis’ members and staff lives easier than ever.

In addition to previously available content and features, the new website now boasts of the most advanced course booking system out there. It notably includes a full-fledged CRM, a WooCommerce-powered membership system, an interactive event calendar, an Intranet,  a support system for members, a private area for members, multilingual capacity and tons of other outstanding features – some of which are yet to be rolled out.