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Corporate guidelines

Your organisation needs a makeover? You can trust our team with the creation of your new corporate guidelines, with a clean, timeless look and feel at the bargain.


The creation of a new logo and its tagline is a sensitive process that requires creativity, brand awareness and a thoughtful process. Fastlane's methodology guarantees just that.


There is nothing more frustrating than a shelf with beautiful but odd communication materials. Our corporate guidelines can include templates with basic rules for all your contractors to follow, to guarantee that your branding is more cohesive than ever.



A communication campaign starts with clear KPIs. Once these have been defined, our team can help you choose the best communication means to the end, create them and provide recommendations on how to maximise conversions.


Getting the attention of a target audience is one thing, but making communication around an event effective and appealing enough to persuade them to attend can be much more difficult. We will help you catch their attention with tailored communication strategies.

Brand positioning

The way your campaigns are conceived and delivered, the message they convey and their associated visual identity make a huge difference in how your message will be heard. All the more in the EU sphere, where a large number of organisations are constantly competing to make their voice heard and impact legislation. Fastlane prides itself with brand positioning startegies that will make your organisation stand out from the background noise.


Event filming

Holding an event in Brussels or anywhere else in Europe? We will cover discussion panels, organise interviews and compile summary videos that will keep your event alive even beyond its end.


Work with one of video editing and motion design specialists who will get your message across with short, flowing videos and impactful visuals.<br />


Articulating your message in a short, impactful video with interesting storytelling is not always an easy task. Our team specialises in converting fact-oriented, exhaustive information into short and straight-to-the point scripts with the potential to make your videos go viral.


Our network of actors from across Europe can record your video voiceovers in any language you fancy, resulting in professional and immersive storytelling.



Fastlane primarily uses Drupal and WordPress to provide you with websites tailored to your needs. Our solutions are flexible and scalable, with no strings attached.

Email campaigns

Increasingly difficult spam filters, differences in rendering across mail clients and, most recently, GDPR make mass emailing a very sensitive issue. We take care of all aspects, from template to reporting, and ensure that engagement is maximised.


Trust us to optimise every page of your website to ensure the highest possible ranking, provide strategic recommendations and even manually optimise your content for reading ease, keyword density and other key metrics.


Traffic and conversion rates on your website are disappointing? Our team will perform a full audit for you and send you a report with recommendations.


We can host your website on fast, secure and scalable servers. If you deeply care about our planet, we can provide you with green hosting too.



A great brochure requires a good balance between visuals, body text and highlighted facts and figures. Lend us you raw material, tell us how many pages you need in the final product and we'll create the perfect content for it.

Web content

It's a common mistake to use the same texts for print and web content. Quality aside, the latter is submitted to many other requirements related to the likes of keyword density, hyperlinks, calculated ease of read, html tags, etc. We can rewrite your web content for you and give you the necessary advice and means to score better on search engines.


Fastlane's roots are strongly anchored in storytelling, and more specifically in making information-heavy or sensitive content intelligible and easy to read while keeping the facts straight.


Making a presentation is an art. You don't want too much content on your slides so you can keep your audience's attention to yourself, but enough to support and add value to your arguments. We can create your slides based on raw material, along with supporting notes.

Print & Design.


Hosting a conference? Holding a booth at an exhibition? Fastlane can provide you with all the communication material and signage you need, from roll-ups and banners to press packages.


We may be living in the digital era, but nothing beats the convenience and tangibility of a printed brochure. As attention span online keeps decreasing, it's also one of your best shots at conveying thorough information whilst casting a wide net. With over 20 years of experience in brochure design, our team can help you make the most of this potential.

Leaflets and flyers

They've been the best companions of events and conferences for ages, and they are not going anywhere. When done right, flyers and leaflets can convey essential information in an entertaining and visually-appealing manner.


It takes an experienced designer to find the perfect balance between content and visuals on presentation slides. Alone or in combination with one of our journalists, our designers will create the perfect visuals to showcase your content.

Social media.

Community management

Social media is great, but only if you have the time and resources to manage it. Experience has taught us that many EU and international organisations do not have the time to keep their social media channels alive on a daily basis. Once your KPIs are set, we can take care of this for you.

Paid advertising

Got a defined budget for Facebook or Twitter ads, and a message to send? We can take care of your campaigns for you, defining appropriate audience and managing budget per ad based on weekly, monthly or yearly thresholds.

Audit and Strategy

Fastlane partners with agency Saper Vedere to analyse your social media presence as it is and as it could be. We'll track and find communities around your themes of predilection, identify influencers and shape strategies to make sure they become multipliers of the information you want to spread.