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Welcome to our new website!

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Welcome to our new website!

After five years of service, it was about time for Fastlane to get a brand new look and feel. Five years is actually a lot on the web: design trends have evolved considerably, and users have never been so bombarded with ads and information from all kinds of sources whilst the barrier between the two has never been so blurred.

Sure, finding stuff online has never been so easy. But it’s often hard to identify potential contractors or partners offering services of quality based on often generic websites filed with empty promises and mostly static content.

In this context, we’ve decided to build this new website around one core principle: getting to our visitors what they really want, bearing in mind the limited time they have to find out if we can meet their expectations. This translates in a focus on projects, with a prominent portfolio that can be filtered based on type of products, sectors and type of work, but also in emphasis on the added value we’re trying to bring to your projects. This is why we have an entire page dedicated to the themes we’re most passionate about – so you can know us better.

Last but not least, we realise that looking for agencies online, calling them and preparing a brief can be tedious. This is why we introduce a new form where you can tell us more about your project. Based on your choices, the form will automatically generate a detailed quote that will be sent to your email address. We’ve made the form as complete as possible without making it too complex, and improvements are already on the way. In any case, the system will provide you with an early, ballpark estimate and help set a basis for further discussions and a potential contract.

We hope you’ll enjoy visiting this website as much as we did enjoy creating it. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to send us an email at [email protected]